Can Axolotls Eat Boiled Eggs?

axolotl in water

Eggs generally are a source of protein. Just the way humans eat them, they can be fed animals. All animals require protein for good health and growth especially animals at a younger age. To enhance your pet animal’s health and growth, feed them eggs at their tender age, as it will provide them the necessary protein they require. 

Axolotls are not left out of the animals you should feed eggs to. They also need protein to grow healthily, so feeding eggs will be a great option, but do they eat boiled eggs?

Yes, you can feed boiled eggs to your pet axolotls; they will gladly eat them. Your baby axolotls need these eggs more for good health and proper growth. Eggs yolk contains adequate nutrients.  Feeding the yolk of eggs to baby axolotls will be more advantageous to them. A whole egg can be fed to them as well. 

You may ask if it is the only baby axolotls that eggs can be fed to; you can feed eggs to adult axolotls, but it should be in a minimal proportion. This is because adult axolotls can be obsessed if you feed eggs in excess to them since eggs contain more fat, which can lead to health challenges. I will advise you don’t include it in their diet.  

What Are the Benefits of Egg Yolk to Baby Axolotls?

There are several benefits that eggs provide animals,, including axolotls, when fed to them. You might want to know the essence of feeding egg yolk to baby axolotls before making it an option. These benefits of egg yolk to baby axolotls include:

1. Increasing Growth

Every axolotl pet owner would want to see their baby axolotls fast. Now egg yolk contains protein that is irreplaceable to all animals, including your baby axolotls. It also comprises other important nutrients. Feeding egg yolk to your baby axolotls will help to boost rapid growth. 

2. Easy to Digest

Egg yolks are soft; they are not as hard as other food you may feed your baby axolotls. So, feeding egg yolk to them will enable their system to digest it easily and faster than other hard food.

3. Preferred Option

If you find out that your baby axolotls have no appetite for food, thereby not eating, feed egg yolk to them. They will find eggs interesting to eat since they taste great. They might even choose it as their favorite food. 

4. Boosting the immune system

At the early stage, axolotl’s immune system is very susceptible to disease because they tend to fight infections. To help boost their immune system, which will help fight against diseases and other health challenges, it is important to feed egg yolk to them.

All these benefits should be what you look out for when feeding egg yolk to your baby axolotls. Now that you know the benefits of egg yolk to your baby axolotls, let us discuss how to feed them boiled eggs.

How Should You Feed Boiled Eggs to Your Baby Axolotls?

After boiling and removing the shells of eggs, the next thing is to feed them to your axolotls. Now, feeding it to them, you will need to know how to do it. Let us talk about ways briefly.

1. Removal of Egg White

The white part of eggs contains much fat, which your axolotls will not need. You must remove the white part of the egg first since the most needed part is the egg yolk which contains numerous required nutrients. 

2. Put Eggs in a Separate Container

Axolotls tank will get polluted if you put eggs directly into the water in the tank. When the tank is polluted, it might result in unforeseen health problems in your axolotls.

So to prevent pollution, it is better to put eggs in a separate container and place the separate container containing eggs in the tank.

3. Gently Stir Water

Axolotls can be funny, and they rarely eat food that stands still. Whatever is moving is food for axolotls to eat, so they will move toward it. So when you put the separate container in their tank, stir the water gently to make the container move.

Once they see the container moving, they will move towards it to eat. If they are not moving toward the container, you can move it closer to them. 

4. Clean Axolotls Tank

Cleaning the tank may not always be done, but you can do it occasionally. This is because their good health also depends on the cleanness of the tank.

Feeding your pet baby axolotls is good, but you must know when to give them. Let’s see whether it should be fed to them in every meal.

How Frequently Should You Feed Your Baby Axolotls Boiled Eggs?

Now that you know how advantageous eggs are to your pet baby axolotls, you might be tempted to feed them to your pet daily, especially if they choose it as their favorite meal. But the truth is that it will become problematic to their health if they consume it in excess. 

The Eggs white contain a lot of fat, even the preferred ones contain fat as well. When you feed it to them daily, it will result in obesity in your axolotls which will do more harm than good. How often should you then feed boiled eggs to your baby axolotls? 

Well, feeding them once or twice a week will be okay. This is appropriate enough to provide them with the necessary nutrients requirement. 

Will My Baby Axolotls Grow Faster if I Feed Boiled Eggs to Them?

The growth of your pet baby axolotls depends on the food you feed them, as the food provides the nutrients they need. And one of the nutrients they need the most is protein. 

Yes, boiled eggs will speed up their growth. The best source of protein for your axolotls is to feed eggs to them. As we said earlier, eggs contain protein and other nutrients essential for the growth of your pet baby axolotls. It enhances their fast growth. 

So if you want your axolotls to grow, add eggs to their diet, but they should be moderately fed.  And it should serve together with other types of food as a complement.

My Axolotls Are Grown Can I Feed them Boiled Eggs?

You might think since eggs help your axolotls to grow fast, it will be good to feed them to your adult axolotls.

You can feed boiled eggs to your adult axolotls, but you must know it will be problematic for them. This is because adult or grown axolotls do not require protein like baby axolotls. So feeding eggs that contain protein to them will be a bad idea. Feeding protein to them may lead to obesity, liver problems, and other health problems.


From what we have discussed, we can establish that you can feed boiled eggs to your baby axolotls. This is because eggs have a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to your younger axolotls.  

Eggs contain proteins and other nutrients that boost the immunity system of your pet baby axolotls to fight against disease and other health problems. It also improves the growth and health of your baby axolotls. 

Despite the essentiality, eggs should be a primary food for your baby axolotls. Instead, it should be a portion of complimentary food; you can sever them with other food types. Avoid feeding boiled eggs to your adult axolotls, as it will cause more harm than good to their health. 

Written by Justin Michaels