Can Axolotls Eat Minnows?

Can Axolotls Eat Minnows

This article will primarily focus on Axolotls eating minnows. Axolotls are tiger salamanders, also referred to as walking fish. Axolotls are carnivorous and swallow any food that fits perfectly into their mouth.  

Axolotls are also cannibalistic they tend to eat themselves when they are hungry, which is the reason you must feed your Axolotls some feeder fish. Minnow is a freshwater fish belonging to the Cyprinidae family.

Axolotls eat minnows, but it might be dangerous as the feeder fish could have come in contact with infections and bacteria. Axolotls and Minnows can thrive in the same environment because they ultimately live in the same water condition and can cohabit together.

Can Axolotls Eat Minnows? 

Yes, Axolotls can feed on Minnows. Minnows don’t have an exoskeleton which makes them swallowable for the Axolotls. Minnows are used as feeder fish and bait for Axolotls.  Putting minnows in axolotls tank will provide axolotls with the opportunity to hunt as it does in the wild.

Are Minnows Safe To Eat for Axolotls?

No, Minnows are not safe for your Axolotls because Minnows carry parasites that can affect, harm, and kill your axolotls. Minnows also have a very sharp gill, fin, and tail that could cause internal damage to your axolotls.

Minnows and feeder fish often contain thiaminase, which takes away vitamin B  from your axolotls when ingested. Minnows need to be quarantined and medicated, so parasites and diseases are not introduced into the tank. Minnows can also damage the gills, tail, and limp of your axolotls.

Which Minnows are Safe To Feed Axolotls?

The only suitable minnows to feed your axolotls are the white cloud minnows because that is the most suitable option if you want to include feeder fish in your axolotl’s diet.

White cloud minnows have a soft body and can easily be consumed by your axolotls. However, if you decide to add minnows to your axolotls’ diet, it should be an occasional treat, and be sure you are there to supervise the whole process. Sometimes the fish can get stuck in axolotl’s gills thereby leading to suffocation. White cloud minnows are soft-bodied and relatively easy for axolotls to consume safely.

Of course, if you do decide to add minnows to your axolotl’s regular diet, they should only be offered as an occasional treat.

You should always be there to supervise your axolotl eating the minnows. Sometimes the fish can get caught in your axolotl’s gills or throat causing a risk of choking and suffocation if you don’t act quickly.

Rosy red minnows grow up to 3 to 4 inches,  but if you are speaking of 2 inches rosy red minnows, adult axolotls will swallow them without a problem. Red rosy minnows are known for carrying bacteria responsible for hemorrhagic septicemia among large varieties of fish. 

What Other Animal can Axolotls Cohabit With?

Axolotls can cohabit with animals that live in freshwater. Axolotls, according to experts don’t like

companions, but you can still keep them together in the same tank with other aquatic animals they can cohabit with.

 Snails are great cohabitant with your pet, the small cold water snail. Many experts recommend snails because they are bottom feeders, and they help maintain good water conditions by clearing the bottom of the tank.

Minnows can live harmoniously with axolotls because they live in the same water condition. Minnows don’t have an exoskeleton that can hurt your axolotls. When considering cohabitant for your axolotls, be sure to find animals that won’t hurt your axolotls

Shrimp can also live with axolotls.  They can scavenge for leftovers in the tank. They can also be a quick snack for your pet when your axolotls are hungry. Amano and ghost shrimp are in this category, they help keep the tank clean and can also be a snack to your axolotls.

Axolotls can also cohabit with each other. However, you cannot mix adult males and females. Experienced axolotl keepers point out that if you are determined to feed axolotls minnows, white cloud minnows are the only suitable option you should ever consider. Axolotl can cohabit together when they are past the cannibalistic stage. If not they are likely to feed on themselves.

Guppies can also live together in the same tank with your axolotls and can be used as feeder fish and they rarely pose a risk to your axolotls.

Zebra Danios are peaceful cool water fish that your axolotls can cohabit with. They are most likely to keep to their shoals and stay away from your axolotl. Zebra Danios are agile fish and a great snack for your axolotls. However, if you don’t want to feed your axolotls zebra danios, keep them in separate tanks.

Do Axolotls get Bored?

No,  Axolotls do not get bored because they are introverted and do not need the presence of other aquatic animals. It is fine to house axolotls together as long as they are the same size that way they won’t be able to swallow each other.

However, if your axolotls are not properly fed, they might end up feeding on each other’s limbs as a source of nutrition.

What Other Food Do Axolotls Eat?

Axolotls enjoy feeding on meat as long as it can contain their mouth because axolotls can only swallow their food.

Axolotls can feed on guppies, goldfish, betta fish, beef, catfish, crayfish, worms, cod, tadpoles, fish, their younger ones and baby turtles.

  • Worms are a great diet and a great source of nutrition for your axolotls and could be fed to your pet every day. We have different kinds of worms; the black worm, night crawler, red wriggler and blood worms.
  • Pellets that have a high source of protein and can sink in water can be a great alternative for growing axolotls.
  • Daphina is a small freshwater crustacean and is the best food for axolotls that just hatched.
  • Ghost shrimp and Guppies: Guppies are nutritional and are trusted in not carrying diseases, and parasites are a good source of food for your axolotls. Ghost shrimp are also consumable for your axolotls apart from that ghost shrimp would help clean the tank.

Can I Feed Live Fish to Axolotls?

Yes, you can feed your axolotls live sizeable fish that will not choke or suffocate your pet. You can add live fish to your pet’s diet. Feeding live fish to your pet should be done with caution.

Some live fish contain parasites and diseases.  Feeding your pet infected fish would also infect them. The life fish should be first quarantined and properly vetted before feeding to your axolotls or avoid feeding your pet live fish.

Live fish can be an important diet for your pet. They are beneficial and provide nutrients such as protein and fish fats that will keep your pet healthy.

Feder fish from pet stores are also not recommended because they might have parasites if you have time you could decide to nurture your feeder fish that way you are sure they are not infected.


Rounding up my thoughts axolotls are delicate pets, and you as the pet owner must pay attention to what your pet feeds on and how it can affect and benefit them. It is now clear that axolotls can feed on minnows and this might lead to your pet losing a vital vitamin( vitamin B).

Written by Justin Michaels