Can Axolotls Eat Tadpoles?

axolotls eat tadpoles

Axolotls, unique amphibians, are from the species of salamander and predatory animals. They feed on insects, worms, snails, small fishes, and other tiny creatures that are sizeable in their mouth. Since they are known to eat many things, are tadpoles part of their diet?

Yes, axolotls will eat available tadpoles. So you can feed tadpoles to your pet axolotls as long as they are sizeable in their mouth. But you ensure that tadpoles are free from parasites or diseases.

Feeding tadpoles to your axolotls is not a bad idea, but you need to know that tadpoles do not provide many nutrients to your pet; giving them to eat should be moderate like other food you feed them. It would be best if you looked out for some factors like disease and parasitic free, their nutritional values, etc., before feeding tadpoles to them. 

What Is the Nutritive Value of Tadpole to Axolotls?

Tadpoles contain protein but in a minimal amount. But mind you, if you want to improve the growth of your axolotls, especially younger axolotls, only tadpoles are not the best option. Your baby axolotls generally need protein to enhance their growth and good health and feeding them more proteinous food is necessary.

You can feed tadpoles to your baby axolotls but ensure you complement it with food that contains protein like egg yolk to make it balance. 

Tadpoles can also be fed to your adult axolotls too. But ensure it is moderate since they have less nutritional value.

Can Tadpoles Transfer Disease to My Axolotls?

Yes, your axolotls can contract the disease from tadpoles. Tadpoles caught in the natural environment can carry diseases harmful to your axolotls. It would be best if you vetted tadpoles you catch before feeding them to your axolotls to prevent diseases that can be problematic later on.

Apart from the tadpoles you catch, the ones sold in the pet store can also be parasite carriers. Some store owners may not vet the tadpole before selling it to customers. That is why it is important to select the pet store you buy tadpoles carefully, and you can also vet them once you buy them.  

Do Tadpoles Contain Thyroxin?

Yes, tadpoles contain thyroxin, which is responsible for the growth and development of legs in tadpoles, usually known as morphing. When tadpoles begin to morph, they will develop legs and become bigger. 

Your axolotls can contact thyroxin if you feed them with tadpoles that have thyroxine, making them morph. Feed tadpoles that are already growing legs or are near to start morphing to avoid the risk of thyroxin. 

The only recommended tadpoles you should give your axolotls are young ones, not grown ones. 

Should My Axolotls Frequently Eat Tadpoles?

There should always be moderation to whatever food you want to feed your axolotls. Although you can feed them with tadpole daily, feeding them in moderation like other food will be preferable. You can replace a meal with a tadpole once or twice a week. 

Tadpoles do not have much protein like eggs that will obsess them, so for adult axolotls, you can feed them tadpoles only as it won’t affect their digestive ability. When giving tadpole to baby axolotls, supplement with any other food that contains protein.

Will My Axolotls Get Impaction From Eating Tadpoles?

No, your axolotls won’t get impaction from eating tadpoles when fed to them daily. The growth and development of your Axolotls and good health depend on what they eat.

It is not bad to feed healthy tadpoles to your axolotls daily, but you must know that feeding one type of food won’t be healthy. Your axolotls should have access to different food types.

Though your axolotls’ health and the digestive system won’t be affected by feeding tadpoles to them, it should be moderate.

Can I Feed Dry Tadpoles to My Axolotls?

Yes, you can feed dry tadpoles to your axolotls as they will eat them, but dry tends not to be healthy for axolotls, especially baby axolotls. You want to ask, why?

For instance, your baby Axolotl’s digestive system is not mature enough for hard food and is very susceptible. Feed dry tadpoles to baby axolotls may end up causing damage to their digestive tract. So try by all means to avoid feeding it to them.

Can I Feed Live Tadpoles to My Axolotls?

Yes, yes can feed life, even dead tadpoles, to your axolotls. They will eat tadpoles without being affected negatively. The only way their health can be risked is when the tadpoles are not free from parasites that will cause disease to them. 

The tadpoles you intend to feed your axolotls should be tiny and younger since larger and matured tadpoles might not be from thyroxines, which are unhealthy for your axolotls.

Are Frozen Tadpoles Okay for My Axolotls?

Cold foods are not the best option for axolotls because they will hurt them. So frozen tadpoles are not good for axolotl’s health, whether live frozen or dried frozen. 

Avoid giving frozen tadpoles or other frozen food to your axolotls to protect them from health problems.

Should I Feed Frog Eggs to My Axolotls?

Yes, you can feed frog eggs to your Axolotls, and they will gladly eat it. Egg generally contains high protein and other essential nutrients that your axolotls require to grow, especially baby axolotls. 

To feed your Axolotls with eggs, ensure you boil and remove the shells of the eggs. Removal of egg whites is also recommended because they contain a lot of fat that can cause your axolotls to be obsessed since the egg yolk contains the most nutrients needed.  

Put the egg yolk in a separate container before putting the container containing eggs in the tank to ensure the tank water doesn’t get polluted.  

Axolotls won’t eat food that is still; they only go after food that is moving. So, once you drop the separate container in the tank, endeavor to stir the water gently to cause movement of the container, then your axolotls will move toward it. 

Eggs have great taste with the benefits of boosting the immune system of your axolotls, enhancing their growth, and keeping them in good health. Despite all of the benefits, could you not feed them with eggs excessively? It should be moderate, say once or twice a week.


Tadpoles are one of the meals you can feed to axolotls though they contain minimal nutrients required by your axolotls. Before feeding tadpoles to your axolotls, ensure you vet them, either the ones you caught or the ones you buy from the pet stores. This is because there is every possibility that tadpoles may carry parasites that might cause disease in your axolotls.

Feed only younger tadpoles that are tiny to your axolotls so that you will not risk them to thyroxine, usually present in matured tadpoles.

Moderately feed tadpoles to your axolotls. You can mix it with other food types to maintain a balanced diet.

Written by Justin Michaels