Can Rabbits Eat Oregano? What To Feed Rabbits

Oregano Leaves

In this 5 min read Article, I’m going to unveil the Intricacies of feeding your rabbits with Oregano, and how best to do so to ensure the maximal benefits of this particular operation are extended to your rabbits, for effective growth and development. 

It’s been stated that write-ups like this can really help in the rearing and keeping of rabbits and ensuring the best practices that will ensure they stay healthy and live longer.

 Having the popular opinion at heart that this mammal we’re considering has an affinity for veggies like carrots and fruits like grapes, we delve in to see the pros and cons of feeding rabbits with oregano.

Before we get into whether or not your rabbits should be fed with Oregano, we might as well know what oregano is.

What Is Oregano?

Well, oregano is a woody perennial closely related to the mint family plant, with height ranging from 8-31 inches, purple flowers and opposite leaves of 1-4 centimetres in length. Also commonly called “Wild Marjoram”. 

It’s also an ornamental plant, bred usually for its varying leaf colour, flower colour and habit. Having a very strong taste and smell.

Well, that last paragraph is added knowledge: An Additional benefit of oregano😁. Since we have an idea of what oregano is, let’s go further.

Can Rabbits Eat Oregano?

Aside from the well-known fact that rabbits enjoy fruits like grapes and other veggies like lettuce, Rabbits also enjoy herbs of which the oregano plant is one of the safe herbs for rabbit consumption.

So this establishes that rabbits actually can safely eat oregano but there’s a catch,

Which is?

That all things must be done in moderation to ensure that every operation carried out is effectively engaged and that benefits are maximum, in other words, too much of everything is bad and such is the case for feeding rabbits with oregano plants. 

Oregano is a good herbal plant for your rabbit if only fed in accordance with the proper guide.  Following the proper guidance of a small right amount is good for your rabbits while overfeeding can cause health issues.

Always provide the right quantity of oregano to your rabbits in moderation (Read on to find out how much oregano you should feed your rabbits).

Is It Possible That My Rabbits Does Not Like Oregano?

Yes! Not all Rabbits like to eat Oregano plants.

Your rabbit may not like to eat oregano. So you must know that before you add any food to the diet of your rabbit, you must add it first in little quantities to see if your rabbits like to eat that food. This will determine whether to continue increasing the quantity of the food or to stop it completely.

It’s totally normal if your rabbits do not like oregano because some rabbits may not like the strong taste and the strong smell.

Watch carefully and do well to observe if your rabbits like oregano or not and act in accordance with their preference.

How Can I Feed My Rabbits Oregano?

If your rabbits like oregano, then you must already have grasped from the upper part of this article, that moderation Is Key.

So to feed your rabbits oregano, we must safely provide a small amount In this order; with 5-6 other types of green and leafy vegetables, one cup of chopped Oregano for a 2-pound rabbit, providing them once or twice a week with fresh raw oregano portions. 

Ensure it is administered According to the right amount as the well-being of your rabbit is paramount.

What Are The Nutritional Value of Oregano To Rabbits?

Oregano is a herbal plant with various medicinal properties and nutrients which are beneficial to the growth and development of rabbits.

Having a strong smell and taste, Oregano is a very good source of iron and fibre which are good for rabbits. 

Others include vitamin K, fibre,  anti oxidant, calcium, potassium and Sodium ( these 3 in considerably High amounts) and antibacterial compounds like thymol.

Why Should Giving Rabbits Oregano Be Occassional?

Seeing that the oregano contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are good for rabbit development, there’s a reason its administration must be occasional and not regular.

Having in considerably high amounts Calcium, Potassium and sodium, and because of this don’t try to over feed them with it as it could lead to a whole lot of health issues ranging from gastrointestinal problems to other issues.

Once we can ensure that this is served in moderation, oregano will never harm your rabbit.

Can Rabbits Eat Dried Oregano?

Like many other leafy veggies when dried, they tend to lose and contain fewer nutrients for rabbits’ growth and development.

So try to ensure you feed your rabbits fresh and clean oregano as dried ones aren’t good for their health.

Can Rabbits Eat Oregano Flowers and Leaves?

Well, the flowers are the most aromatic parts of the plant. The leaves are also aromatic too and these parts are safe for rabbits to consume though some rabbits may not like them due to the strong smell. 

Do provide them with oregano in the right proportions if your rabbits still like to take them as oregano is a safe herb plant.

Can Rabbits Be Fed With Oregano Oil?

Oregano oil is the extract and a by-product of the oregano plant and it’s very beneficial to rabbits as it can improve the production performance of rabbits and also improved Intestinal barrier function in rabbits.

So yes, Rabbits can be fed with Oregano oil as it improves their health of rabbits. 

How Can I Give Oregano To My Rabbits?

Do all these knowing that calcium content must be low in the diet of rabbits meaning oregano can’t be fed in high quantities i.e. fed sparingly.

– Ensure your oregano is fresh, if it seems too soft or too spongy, don’t feed it to your rabbits as the stomach of rabbits are more sensitive to the rotting of food than that of humans.

– Wash your oregano without soap or cleaning agents. Rinse your oregano in cool water before serving it to your rabbits due to the fact that vegetables are always transported with pesticides even organic could have come in contact with something harmful to rabbits hence they must be washed with cool water.

– Oregano having a strong taste and smell may not be liked by some picky rabbits hence it must be introduced slowly to rabbits. Don’t introduce oregano to your rabbit’s diet all at once.

– Serve oregano wet to rabbits after chopping them to bits.

These will ensure your oregano is set for your rabbits to eat and benefit maximally from the vegetable.

Can Rabbits Eat Oregano?

Bunnies are baby rabbits less than 12 weeks old and they have a more sensitive digestive system than adult rabbits hence the high calcium, potassium and sodium content cannot be managed by their still-developing digestive system. So do not, I repeat, Do not feed bunnies with Oregano.

After 12 weeks old, you can gradually introduce oregano into their diet in small quantities. Moderation and balance is key Here.

What Are The Advantages of Oregano On Rabbits?

Oregano is a herbal plant with various medicinal and beneficial properties which would ensure proper growth and development in rabbits.

These includes:

– Oregano oil (an extract of the oregano plant) helps in settling intestinal issues in rabbits.

– Oregano being a plant provides the rabbits with a whole lot of vitamins and minerals improving the development of rabbits and their growth too.

– Due to its high content of essential vitamins and minerals, it aids in boosting the immune system of rabbits.

–  It also contains water necessary to aid digestion and provisions essential hydration for rabbits.

What Are The Disadvantages of Oregano On Rabbits?

Though oregano has all these benefits above, it is not exempted from the Truth in the popular phrase “whatever has advantages has disadvantages”.

Here are some of the Negative impacts of oregano on rabbits:

– It has a high calcium content which can be harmful to rabbits when overfed with oregano causing bladder sludge and kidney stones.

–  Can cause a whole lot of digestive and intestinal issues in baby rabbits.

– Overeating of oregano can lead to obesity and eventually death if not monitored properly.


Oregano is a herbal plant that’s widely beneficial to the growth, development and by extension, the life of a rabbit.

All you have to do as a good rabbit owner is to ensure oregano is served as stated in this article by washing, slicing and chopping, also serving it wet and all that and also to closely monitor the frequency of its administration to the rabbit.

Once all these are checked and followed, You and your rabbit’s are sure to be all good to go.

Written by Justin Michaels

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