Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries? Facts and Tips

Strawberries for Rabbit consumption

Would it be a little too much to say that even blind people know that strawberry is not a rabbit’s common food? However, the question above will be answered in the affirmative.

Everyone loves a snack or fruit once in a while. No one wants to stick to the regular breakfast and lunch or dinner every time. We all want that little change and dynamism even in the food we eat and it is the same with rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?

Strawberries are among the most popular fruits grown for commercial use throughout the world. These delightful berries are not only delicious but they are also packed with essential nutrients.

However, the same can’t be said for rabbits and strawberries. The natural presence of pectin in strawberries can cause gastrointestinal upset for rabbits. Moreover, the red colour of strawberries can trigger rabbits to bite. This can cause injuries to rabbits’ gums. Moreover, rabbits can be allergic to the red dye in strawberries.

That being said, rabbits can eat strawberries in moderation if certain precautions are taken. Let’s take a look at can rabbits eat strawberries, and the answer to this common question.

Why Are Strawberries Harmful to Baby Rabbits?

Just like human babies who find it difficult to digest solid food like meat, bread and the like. Strawberries pose a threat to baby rabbits. Baby rabbits would be classified as rabbits which are still under eight weeks old.

The baby rabbits find it difficult to digest strawberries even if they ingest them. Hence, it is not advisable to feed young rabbits strawberries. It is best to stick to their regular food. This does not stop the grown rabbit from enjoying the benefits of strawberries though.

Grown rabbits on the other hand can easily digest strawberries until the fruit gets too much.

What is the Right Amount of Strawberries to Give a Rabbit?

It is not far-fetched that too much of everything causes harm. Too much water leads to a bloated stomach. Too much food causes indigestion. Too much chocolate darkens the teeth and can lead to diabetes.

Although strawberries are not toxic to a rabbit, they can indeed ferment in their stomachs when they get too much and cause infections and stomach upset in the rabbit. It has also been said that some rabbits are allergic to the fruit.

Rabbits can get addicted to Strawberries just like humans get addicted to chocolates. It’s not bad, but it should and can be controlled.

If you toss or feed your rabbits strawberries as a whole, it’ll be difficult to control and the rabbit might reject its food for the sweet fruit. Hence, it is advisable to dice this fruit and feed the rabbit a minuscule amount. One or two tablespoons is the advisable amount. Don’t forget, too much becomes harmful.

That way, the rabbit gets to enjoy the sweetness and you also get to control what your pet ingests. Perfect, isn’t it?

Are Strawberries Nutritious Enough for Rabbits?

Strawberries are quite rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin C. They are also rich in water, protein, carbs and lots of sugar. These are beneficial to rabbits but not as much as they need fibre and hay. 

Strawberries do contain fibre and some amount of hay, but it’ll never measure up to the amount that would be gotten from leaves and plants which is the regular food of every rabbit. Strawberry is never the replacement for a rabbit’s food.

How Often Can The Rabbit Eat Strawberries?

Once again, imagine all your baby ever eats is chocolates and they refuse every kind of fruit. That doesn’t make chocolates bad, it only hinders the growth of the baby.

Strawberries do not contain all the nutrients a rabbit needs even if it is rich in Vitamin C. You can’t decide to feed your rabbit strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner just because you think it loves it.

It is best to serve your rabbit strawberries-only once in a while. This way, your rabbit eats good food and also enjoys a good snack. A balanced diet.

Should Strawberries be Fresh or Frozen?

Don’t be tempted to take out that strawberry in the freezer and feed it to your rabbit. Do not be tempted to store an unfinished fruit till the next day. Even if you do, it is not for your rabbit.

It is always good and preferred to serve your rabbits with fresh food. A fresh strawberry is the best to give your rabbit and never a frozen one. Don’t soil or disrupt your rabbit’s digestion process by giving it a frozen fruit. It can make the fruit toxic.

Should Strawberry Be Washed Before Given To Rabbits?

Even humans are not advised to eat unwashed fruits, why would you think of giving your rabbit a harmful strawberry? As a way of curbing COVID, humans were told to wash hands and all that is to come in contact with their hands and mouth. This is because of how contact can transmit germs. An unwashed strawberry is a harmful one because it has come in contact with germs.

COVID aside, when you eat things without washing them, you freely invite germs into your body. It is the same with your rabbit. When you refuse to wash the fruit before feeding your rabbit, you are introducing germs into the digestive system of your pet. Don’t treat it like it’s an animal. Treat it well and let it be healthy. Wash the fruit.

Can Rabbits Eat the Leaves and Stem of Strawberries?

 Why not? Leaves and stems are always safe for rabbits to eat. In fact, it contains the fibre a rabbit needs and can be very helpful to the health of the rabbit.

Just because you think the leaves and stem are not as sweet as the fruit isn’t reason enough to withdraw such a nutritious meal from your rabbit. Endeavour to serve a rabbit the leaves and stem of strawberries, not just the fruit.

Will my Rabbit Love Strawberries?

Your rabbit would be the one, out of a million rabbits, that hates strawberries if it doesn’t eat them. The sweet taste keeps almost every rabbit out there attracted and glued to strawberries. Once they bite, it is hard to stop. You need not worry that your rabbit will reject or refuse to eat a good fruit like strawberries.

What you indeed need to worry about is that your rabbit falls too much in love with strawberries, it finds it difficult to let go. Don’t forget, that is the moment to monitor and measure your rabbit’s strawberry intake.

Can Rabbits do Without Strawberries?

Of course! Remember, strawberry is not the main food or food of compulsion for your rabbit. It is only fruit and you can either choose to give it or not. The nutrient found in strawberries is also not something you can claim your rabbit has missed out on.

The fun of feeding your rabbit a strawberry is just to watch them eat and enjoy something sweet.


Don’t forget that the question was answered in the affirmative. I give three “yes”s and would give even more to the fact that rabbits can indeed eat strawberries. 

Keep in mind that you make the best use of strawberries when you don’t feed your baby rabbits when you avoid making it the main food for your rabbit when you make sure to monitor the amount your rabbit ingests and you also allow your rabbit to enjoy strawberries only once in a while.

Don’t think twice before you pick up that strawberry from the store. It won’t harm your rabbit, as long as it is fresh and washed.

Written by Justin Michaels

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