Can You Keep More Than One Axolotl Together?

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Axolotls are pretty carnivores creatures with distinct characteristics and one of the characteristics is that they are not social animals as they do not love to be disturbed and this makes it difficult for them to be housed with other creatures as they are known to predate over them as far as they are smaller than them and this nature of theirs has birthed similar popular questions in the world of aquarium keepers, especially those that are new to axolotls keeping.

Can I keep more than one axolotls together? How many axolotls can I keep in a tank? This article will answer the questions by enlightening you on multiple keeping of Axolotls.

Can You Keep More Than One Axolotl Together?

Yes but it depends on the size of the pet and the size of the tank. Axolotls are unsociable animals that love their privacy so keeping it with another axolotl can bring out their aggressive nature. However, they can still be kept together if they are of the same size as they are known to swallow anything smaller than them, creatures, that can fit into their mouth including small axolotls as they are carnivorous animals.

They can still be kept together if the size of the tank is big enough to house the number of axolotls you want to keep together as an adult axolotl requires a minimum of 15 gallons of fish tank so if you want to house 2 axolotls, you will require about 50  to 75 gallons of a fish tank.

How Many Axolotls Can I Keep Together?

The number of axolotls you will be abler to keep together depends largely on the size of the tank you have and they must be of the same size to prevent the bigger one from consuming the smaller one. However, it is advisable not to keep more than two in a tank except if you are considering raising or keeping them in a pond.

Keeping axolotls together can be very stressful as you need to supervise their movement as axolotls are known to practice cannibalism through swallowing( their teeth can only grip and not grind) and this can be done in a twinkle of an eye.

For an adult axolotl, a minimum of 15 to 20 gallons of a fish tank is required though it should be up to 30 gallons for better survival while 50 to 75 gallons of water is required for the survival of two to three axolotls.

Can I Keep A Male And Female Axolotls Together?

No. Though male axolotls are not aggressive when they are kept with the female gender, it is still not advisable for you to keep both genders together as they will breed, and after breeding, they tend not to take care of the baby resulting in the baby’s death as they are not mammals who can take care of their young ones alive, they can even end up feeding on the baby as they are known to care for themselves alone. Besides, the female will get pregnant always and it might pose danger to the health of the pet.

However, when it comes to pets, there is nothing impossible to try out though it must be based on the counsel of your vet. You might want to try it out and take good care of the baby but make sure your vet is aware before you start your new adventure of raising baby axolotls from birth.

Can I Keep Two Males Together?

No, is not advisable although it can be done. Males are aggressive especially when they stay in the same habitat as they are competitive, they compete for food and space and they injure one another while competing. They go to the extent of gripping each other’s limbs if highly provoked.

They can however be put together if there is enough space to accommodate each of them conveniently without interference from the housemate.

Can I keep My Baby Axolotls Together?

Yes, they can be kept together as long as they are the same size and there is enough space to accommodate them. 

Can I Keep My Adult Axolotls With My Baby Axolotls?

No, you should not. Any attempt to do that will result in the death of your baby pets. Axolotls are carnivorous animals that consume animals smaller in size than them and they will happily consume the baby axolotls.

Besides, baby axolotls tend to be more stressed when kept with adult axolotls as they will be bullied by the older ones or even sustain injury. 

Can I Keep Two  Female Axolotls Together?

Yes, you can keep two or more females together as far as they are the same size and there is enough space for them to survive on their own.

How Old Should Axolots Be Able To Live Together?

Axolotls should not just be selected randomly to cohabitate as not all sizes can survive living together as they love to stay alone.

They should be about 5 to 6 inches long before they can share a habitat with other axolotls, at that point, they become less voracious and are not likely to bite if fed with food regularly and adequately.

How Do I Keep More Than One  Axolotl?

As it has been said earlier, before you introduce another axolotl into the habitat, you must make sure they are 5 to 6 inches long and then follow these guidelines.

  • Make available a large tank enough to accommodate both pets with the space requirement of  15 to 30 gallons per axolotls. Do not house them in a small tank.
  • Maintain correct water parameters of clean unchlorinated water with pH ranging from 7.4 to 7.6 and temperature ranging from 16 to18-degrees celsius.
  • Do not keep males and females together. You can either keep both males together or both females together and make sure they are of the same size.
  • Provide comfortable hiding spots free of sharp edges for each axolotl to help reduce the stress that might occur as a result of being bullied by its housemate. Besides, hideouts distract them from hurting each other as each of them is always comfortable in their world.
  • Do not starve them by providing adequate and nutritious food regularly with occasional treats.
  • Quarantine new axolotls for a few weeks before introducing them into the tank to prevent the transfer of diseases to the old ones in the tank.
  • Do not overcrowd your tank with axolotls as they might end up killing themselves and maintain an odd number.
  • When you have a colony of axolotls in your tank, do not be far away from them so as for you to locate the aggressive ones and remove them into another tank.


Axolotls can be kept together in a tank as far as they are of the same size and gender, they are being fed properly and the space required for each with the right water parameters is duly followed. – It is best to house adults rather than house juvenile 

Written by Justin Michaels