Can You Use Fish Water Conditioner For Turtles?

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Water conditioners can finish when you don’t expect them to. This is because they are used in tiny amounts that we always expect that the bottle will remain full. So, when this happens, we start considering alternatives.

One alternative that people tend to consider a lot in this scenario is fish water conditioners. Different people have wondered whether fish water conditioners are safe for their turtles to use. In this article, therefore, we will look to answer this question.

So, let’s get started.

Can You Use a Fish Water Conditioner for Turtles?

It is very possible to use a water conditioner for turtles. Both the fish water conditioner and turtle water conditioner are geared towards the same thing which is to keep chloramines and ammonia away from the tank.

You must bear in mind that turtles are larger and messier than fish. This means that more concentrated neutralizes for it to be effective on a turtle tank. The brand of the fish water conditioner you are using will play a role in whether or not you can use it for turtles.

If your turtle will live in the tank without any touch from any other animal, then, you can work with any conditioner. If there is going to be another animal in the tank, then, you should work with conditioners that are safe for the reptiles. This will help protect your bottom feeders from dying due to dangerous chemicals.

Why Do I Need To Use a Turtle Water Conditioner?

Both the fish water conditioner and the turtle water conditioner have the same purposes. So, let us consider some of those purposes.

– Keeps Chloramine Away From Your Water

The drinking water we have in our homes is usually chlorine-treated to eliminate any bacteria or harmful microorganisms. However, when you use this water for your turtles, this chlorine content can have severe effects on them.

This means that if you are using tap water, you have to ensure that you dechlorinate it first. A water conditioner can do this job perfectly. So, you can work with a fish conditioner to get this job done.

– Detoxifies Ammonia From The Tank

For a turtle tank, the ammonia level must not be lesser than 0.25ppm. However, turtles can increase the ammonia level sporadically. This, therefore, means that you must always ensure to monitor the ammonia levels.

If the ammonia level rises beyond the recommended standard, then the turtles can have issues with ammonia burns. This can greatly impact their health as it could lead to many diseases. With a water conditioner, you can keep ammonia off your turtle’s tank. Alongside this treatment, you also have to ensure you change the water regularly.

– Removes Heavy Metals

Chlorinating your tank water does not mean that you have gotten rid of every harmful element possible. There are heavy metals that could still be present in the tap water that can be dangerous to your turtles. Copper and metallic salts are some of those heavy metals that can be dangerous even if they are present in considerable amounts.

You have to be extra careful if you have bottom dwellers like shrimps. They can easily die from the slightest contact with copper. A reliable water conditioner will help neutralize the effects of these heavy metals. However, changing your water regularly will also be of great help.

What Is The Best Way To Use a Fish Water Conditioner For Turtles?

Fish water conditioners might be safe for fish to use but could come with some adverse effects for turtles. This conditioner can raise the pH level of the water. While this might not be harmful to fish, it could be dangerous for turtles. Turtles can be very sensitive to pH levels, so there is a way to administer this conditioner.

The first thing to do will be to dechlorinate the water. If you do not do this before adding the conditioner, it can lead to an imbalance that can eventually kill your turtles. So, the best time will be after you have dechlorinated the water.

Once you have removed all the chlorine in the water using a safeguard, then, you can now make use of the fish water conditioner. This will help protect your turtle’s skin layer. The best practice will be to wait for fifteen minutes before you add this conditioner as it could take time for some products to even out in the tank.

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What Differences Exist Between Turtle Water Conditioners and Fish Water Conditioners?

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Generally, a turtle water conditioner comes with a concentrated amount of chemicals that you can use in detoxifying a turtle’s tank. They are made from ammonium salts which means that they can neutralize ammonia’s toxic nature.

These ammonium salts can also help to lessen the tension in the tank and as such, they help your turtle’s gills allow the flow of oxygen into its lungs.

Fish water conditioner on the other hand does not come with algaecide. Algaecide helps to combat the growth of algae on a turtle’s shell. This can happen a lot with turtles as their shells can be a very good ground for algae to grow on.

This algaecide will help dissolve the algae to make sure that your turtle can just wag it off or they shed off naturally.

Some turtle water conditioners and fish water conditioners may boast of having a dechlorinator. This means that if you are using tap water straight from the faucet without treating chlorine, then, you can make use of this. It will help you eliminate the chlorine in the tap water as you are set to bring the turtle into a new home.

Some turtle water conditioners and fish water conditioners could also have aloe vera extract. This could help out with minor scrapes and injuries to the shell of your turtles.

How Can a Water Conditioner Be Used For Turtles?

Most conditioners come with the instruction to be added in 1ml per 2gallons of water. Even at that, you must go through the instructions stipulated by the manufacturer well before going ahead as there could be variations in concentrations.

It is best to stick to what the manufacturer has instructed. A bucket of water takes about ten minutes to get conditioned. If you are using it for a new tank, keep your turtles in a different place as you apply the conditioner to the water.

The type of conditioner you use for your water depends largely on where you get your tap water from and how safe it is for your turtles. If you use a pond, then you can work with tap water as it contains fairly lower chemicals.

If you don’t have access to tap water, then you can make use of well water as it contains a low level of nitrates. Although well water could contain a high level of bacteria that your turtle might not be able to bear. Turtles cannot bear high levels of bacteria and survive as other animals might.

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Both the fish water conditioner and turtle water serve the same purpose, the differences lie in their effectiveness. So, you can readily work with a fish water conditioner for your turtle tank if you suddenly run out of your turtle conditioner and you need it urgently.

We have itemized some instructions that will guide you in using this conditioner well. So, read through and stay informed.

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