Can Betta Fish Break Their Back?

Bettas can break their back or even look folded as a result of some diseases or overfeeding. Overfeeding with dry pallets will make their gut swell, it will put a lot of pressure on them internally making them look folded/ bent. The most common cause of betta fish broken back is exposure to some bacteria … Read more

Are Round Tanks Bad for Fish?

When you think of a round tank, the first thing that comes to mind is a fish bowl. Round tanks are mostly small tanks. Most bigger tanks are made in other shapes other than round and cylindrical. As a new hobbyist, you might be thinking of the shape of a tank to get for your … Read more

Can Swordtail Fish Change Gender?

Swordtail fish is one of the most beautiful fish you can choose to put in your aquarium. They make have a characteristic long tail spike which gives it the name swordtail. The sword in the fish is just for decoration, it doesn’t have any function whatsoever. There different colours, shapes, and sizes of Swordtail fish … Read more

Can Guppy Fish Change Gender?

There is a lot of conflicting information online as to guppy fish sex. A lot believe that they are all females, some say guppy fish can change their gender while some even think of them as hermaphrodites.  As a new hobbyist, all these can be confusing. You might be curious to ask if all your … Read more

Can Koi Fish Change Gender?

Koi fish is one of the most popular ornamental fish that most aquarium hobbyists keep as a pet. All koi fish are colourful irrespective of gender. Differentiating them using their colour is almost impossible. Size is also rarely a determinant of sex. Differentiating koi fish even by an expert using physical characters can be difficult. … Read more

Are Microbubbles Bad For Fish?

As an aquarium hobbyist (new or long time), it is no doubt you must have done proper research in finding what is suitable for your fish. From the size of the tank to the best choice of light and aeration system, the right temperature, and decorations to add more beauty to your aquarium and provide … Read more

Are Color Changing Lights Bad for Fish?

It is no doubt the light in your aquarium is among the pillars of aquatic equilibrium. Lighting is very important because it creates an environment for aquatic life just like the sun, giving it room for reproduction. The light in your aquarium is essential for the process of photosynthesis which will allow your plants to … Read more

Are Peas Good for Fish?

Providing your fish with a nutritious diet is key to keeping them active, strong, and healthy. Their diet should contain all the necessary nutrients like vitamins A, C, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and iron. This will ensure the healthy growth of your fish and make them have a strong immune system. They wouldn’t get prone to … Read more

Are Air Pumps Good for Fish Tanks?

A lot of time, new aquarium hobbyists think of the type of tank, plants to add, decorative pieces to beautify their fish world, and water filters to buy for their aquarium. As a new fish owner, you have to know that your fish need oxygen to thrive, and the oxygen has to be sufficient. Lack … Read more

Are Nitrites Bad for Fish?

For your fish to thrive and live happily in a healthy condition, there is every need for a chemical balance in your aquarium. This will provide your fish with the necessary nutrients it needs at the right dose/level.   Nitrites are one of the by-products of the nitrogen cycle. It is known to be toxic and … Read more