Are Frogs Vertebrates Or Invertebrates?

For millions of years, frogs have been recorded to be in existence. As far back as 200 million years ago, several fossils of frogs were discovered. Frog species that are presently surviving had a long time to develop. The exact number of them existing throughout the Earth’s surface is unknown to us, though about 7,400 … Read more

Are Frogs Reptiles?

Frogs are excellent night vision creatures. They can see their front, side, and partially behind them with their bulging eyes. When a frog tries to push food down its throat, its eyes pull down close to the roof of its mouth, to swallow food. Their ballon vocal chord resonates like a megaphone. Frogs are seen … Read more

Do Frogs Bite?

Frogs are exciting, fascinating amphibians kept as pets. taking care of pet frogs is less stressful and easy, this encourages many people to keep them as a pet. In the world today, people tend to interact with frogs as they see them everywhere. Most of them have mouths with tiny teeth. They will use their … Read more

What Does Frog Poop Look Like?

Frogs are amphibians that live around the world and are adopted as great pets for those that want to have them as one due to their harmless nature and have a long life span and are generally of low maintenance as far as they are being supplied food in the right proportion with a comfortable … Read more

How Long Can Frogs Stay Underwater?

Frogs are little creatures that live in the water, though we have the terrestrial type that lives on land, called a toad. However, a few frogs are always found outside the water for a long period of time, and that has raised a question over the years that seems to not have a perfect answer. … Read more