What Kinds of Fruit Do Geckos Eat?

Geckos can be petty good pets for kids as kids can learn the art of responsibility and care by simply raising one. However, when it comes to geckos, one thing that confuses a lot of people is the diet of a gecko. Many people tend to be lost when it gets to the right meal … Read more

What Do Wild Geckos Eat?

One thing you should know when it comes to Geckos is the fact that there are different types and each of these types has different things that they love to eat. These things are different from Gecko to Gecko. If you are raising a wild Gecko, you might be wondering what they eat and a … Read more

How to Find a Lost Gecko in the House

While looking for your lost Gecko can be a relatively easy thing, you might occasionally run into one or two problems capturing your lost Gecko, especially if you stay in a relatively big house.   Now, if you stay in a big house and your Gecko gets missing, it might be one big task to … Read more