Do Frogs Bite?

frog bite

Frogs are exciting, fascinating amphibians kept as pets. taking care of pet frogs is less stressful and easy, this encourages many people to keep them as a pet.

In the world today, people tend to interact with frogs as they see them everywhere. Most of them have mouths with tiny teeth. They will use their teeth when necessary. Do you wonder if these fascinating creatures can bite? 

Do Frogs Bite?

Frogs usually like interacting with humans probably because of their shy and submissive nature. Apart from humans, anything that seems bigger than them is usually not their interacting mate. They prefer to jump away and hide whenever they see humans moving close to them.

Humans and frogs, however, do have a way of communication, despite the frog-bite though it doesn’t frequently occur. Frog bite only when frog pet owners interact with them.

Frogs do not intentionally bite their owner because they are unappreciative or ungrateful pets. It usually happens by mistake, probably when the owner with their bare hands tries to feed them. So frogs are likely to bite their owners in the process of feeding, when their owner’s hands get too close to their mouth or when their owner, instead of bringing their food close to their mouth, lowers their hands.

Frogs, when they feel threatened, bites. It might be as a result of their shyness though. Their bite is likely to be their only defense method.

Why Do Frogs Bite And What To Do?

We have already established that they bite probably because they feel threatened or when their owners move their hands closer to them as they feed them. Also, whether in the natural environment or in captivity, they try their best to avoid humans or human hands.

There are species like Pacman frogs, that bite not only for the purpose of defense or when they feel threatened. These species, as a way of protecting or defending themselves from the attack of their predator. They possess powerful jaws with razor-sharp teeth.

It is advisable you avoid the Pacman frogs inflicting bites on you when you come in contact with them in the wild or if you keep them as pets. Because they won’t hesitate to bite you when they feel threatened. Pacman frogs bite are serious that they can draw some blood that you might need to visit the hospital emergency department for treatment.

However, most frogs, since they are tiny don’t possess razor-sharp teeth. To avoid hurting, do not vigorously shake them off when they are biting you. They will let go of you when you are calm for a few minutes. Their bite doesn’t hurt much.

Use antiseptic and put a Band-Aid over when bitten by frogs that have razor-sharp teeth like Pacman frogs.

Are Frogs Bite Poisonous?

There are many species of frogs that are poisonous. For instance, the poisonous dart frogs. This species possesses a high and fierce poison that ten grown men can be affected by a single one of them. They are efficient for making poison darts by some indigenous tribes. This makes them very dangerous to keep as their poison can kill birds, monkeys, and other animals, even humans.

Golden frogs with their high toxicity are one of the deadliest frogs as well. They secrete toxins that are very dangerous.

Frogs can be venomous and also poisonous. Note there’s a clear disparity between venomous animals and poisonous animals.  

Venomous species of frog bites are not poisonous or venomous. However, they can pierce their prey or predators through their spiny heads and inject their venoms.

Poisonous frogs also do not inject poisons into the predators or prey through their bite but when you touch them, lick or eat them you will be harmed by their poison.  So note that frog bites are not poisonous or venomous.

What Frog Species Like Biting?

As much as frogs do not like biting, there are several known frogs like the Pacman frog, budget’s frog, and African bullfrog.

Type 1: Pacman Frogs

Pacman frogs also known as horn frogs possess powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth which they use to bite when they feel threatened when you get too close to their mouth.

Their gentle and innocent look would make you think they are, but they are not. Adopt the use of tongs when feeding them to avoid being hurt, though their bite doesn’t hurt much.

Type 2: Budgett’s Frogs

Burgett’s frogs won’t hesitate to attack their predators or potential enemies. These species are good fighters, they will begin to make unusual noises with their legs raised up, and make themselves look big when they perceive any threat around them. 

They can bite anything when they begin to manifest these signs, move far from them as it will bite you.

Type 3: African Bullfrogs

The African bullfrogs are also called pyxicephalus. These species are known to be bitters though they look nice to be kept as pets. They hold tightly to their prey and bite with their big jaw and teeth. They enjoy biting, they can bite anytime and anything. They are perhaps built to bite.

Are Garden Frogs Dangerous?

Garden frogs will eat pests in your garden. This makes them beneficial but they can constitute a nuisance in your swimming pools by vocalizing and laying eggs thereby causing clogs in your filters and swimmers.

Frogs have salmonella bacteria which can cause infection.  The bacteria can result in fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain when you contact it.  

What Happens When A  Frog Bites?

The teeth of most frogs are not sharp enough to draw blood when they bite you as they are too tiny to draw blood, there are a few of them that can draw little blood when they bite. Frog’s bites are not that serious except there are many that deliver one bite at a time.

Is It Ok To Hold A Wild Frog?

Humans, to frogs, look like giants that cannot be trusted. This limits frogs from interacting with humans as they are feared to be attacked.

Also, frogs are amphibians with permeable skin that can absorb whatever they can come in contact with. So, handling them may cause unwanted stress on them as they can absorb any chemical found on your hand.

You can adopt some precautionary measures if you can’t help but touch frogs, especially those in the wild.


Frogs bite unintentionally as they may confuse your hand to be food or feel you want to attack them. The African bullfrogs can even bite you when you don’t expect it.

To avoid being bitten when you feed them don’t use your hands instead use tongs. And then avoid wiggling the food in front of your pet frog.

Written by Sarah Rivera

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