How Do I Get My French Bulldog to Stop Eating Their Poop?

French bulldog eating poop

Having a French Bulldog as a furry companion can bring immense joy and laughter to your life. These adorable and affectionate dogs have a unique charm that captures our hearts. However, one behavior that can leave any dog owner baffled and concerned is when their French Bulldog starts eating their poop, a behavior known as coprophagia.

If you’ve found yourself frantically searching the internet for answers, you’re not alone. Many French Bulldog owners have experienced this perplexing behavior and are eager to find effective solutions.

Why Do French Bulldogs Eat Their Poop?

To truly address this behavior and find effective solutions, it is essential to understand the underlying factors that contribute to it. By shedding light on the possible reasons, we can gain insights into the mind and instincts of these delightful canines.

  • Nutritional Deficiencies: French Bulldogs may eat their poop if they lack certain essential nutrients. When their bodies don’t nourish enough, they may instinctively consume their feces to obtain the missing nutrients.
  • Behavior Issues: Coprophagia can sometimes be a behavioral problem, especially if it persists despite a balanced diet. Dogs not properly trained or have experienced inconsistent or ineffective training methods may develop this habit. They may find feces appealing due to boredom, anxiety, or attention-seeking behaviors.
  • Medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions can contribute to coprophagia in French Bulldogs. Gastrointestinal issues, such as malabsorption or enzyme deficiencies, can cause undigested food to pass through the digestive system, making the poop tempting to the dog. Additionally, conditions like diabetes or hyperthyroidism can affect nutrient absorption, leading to coprophagia.
  • Instinctual Behaviors: Dogs are descendants of wolves, and some behaviors rooted in their ancestral instincts can still emerge. In the wild, consuming feces helps wolves keep their living areas clean and reduce the risk of attracting predators. While domesticated, some dogs, including French Bulldogs, may retain this instinctual behavior.

Understanding the reasons behind coprophagia is crucial in addressing the behavior effectively. By identifying the underlying cause, you can take appropriate steps to prevent your French Bulldog from eating their poop. However, it is important to note that determining the specific cause can be challenging, and professional guidance from a veterinarian or a certified dog behaviorist may be necessary to reach an accurate diagnosis.

How Do I Get My French Bulldog to Stop Eating Their Poop?

It is important to understand the underlying reasons behind this behavior and take appropriate steps to discourage it. While each French Bulldog is unique, and the solutions may vary, this guide will provide various effective strategies to help you tackle this challenging habit.

  • Ensure a Nutritious and Balanced Diet: One of the key factors in curbing coprophagia is providing your French Bulldog with a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet. Ensure their meals meet nutritional needs, as deficiencies can contribute to the behavior. Consult with your veterinarian to determine whether dietary changes or supplements are necessary.
  • Prompt Cleanup and Environmental Management: Eliminate the temptation by promptly cleaning up your French Bulldog’s feces. Remove waste from the yard and litter box immediately to prevent access. Consider using a leash during walks to maintain control and avoid opportunities for them to consume feces.
  • Positive Reinforcement Training: Employ positive reinforcement techniques to redirect your French Bulldog’s attention and reward desired behaviors. When they display interest in their feces, redirect their focus to a favorite toy or treat, praising and rewarding them for engaging with the new item.
  • Distaste Deterrents: Use commercially available deterrents or natural substances (such as hot sauce, bitter apple spray, or pineapple juice) to make the feces unappealing to your French Bulldog’s taste buds. Apply these deterrents to the feces before the cleanup to discourage consumption.
  • Leash Control and Command Training: Incorporate leash control and command training to reinforce obedience and prevent access to feces. Practice commands like “leave it” or “drop it” consistently during walks and reinforce them with rewards when your French Bulldog responds correctly.
  • Increase Exercise and Mental Stimulation: Ensure that your French Bulldog receives ample physical exercise and mental stimulation to alleviate boredom and reduce the likelihood of engaging in coprophagia. Engage them in interactive play, provide puzzle toys, and consider obedience training or agility classes to stimulate their minds.
  • Address Underlying Behavioral Issues: Consult a professional dog trainer or behaviorist if coprophagia persists despite efforts to discourage the behavior. They can help identify and address any underlying behavioral issues or anxieties contributing to the behavior.
  • Consult with a Veterinarian: If coprophagia persists or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms, consult with a veterinarian. They can assess your French Bulldog’s health, perform necessary tests, and rule out any underlying medical conditions that may contribute to the behavior.

How Can I Train My French Bulldog to Stop Eating Their Poop?

While coprophagia may seem alarming or unpleasant to humans, it’s essential to approach this behavior with patience and understanding. Effective training methods and strategies can help you address this habit and ensure a healthier, more hygienic environment for you and your furry friend.

1. Establish a Consistent and Positive Routine

Create a structured routine for your French Bulldog, including regular feeding times, exercise sessions, and potty breaks. Consistency helps dogs feel secure and reduces anxiety, which can contribute to coprophagia. Maintain a positive environment and reward desired behaviors with praise, treats, or a favorite toy.

2. Teach the “Leave It” Command

Teaching your French Bulldog the “leave it” command can be invaluable in preventing them from approaching or consuming feces. Start using treats or toys to practice the command, gradually introducing them during walks when they are interested in poop.

Reward them with a high-value treat when they successfully leave the feces alone. You can find training treats like Zuke’s Mini Naturals on Amazon.

3. Leash Control and Redirecting

Keep your French Bulldog on a leash during walks to maintain control and redirect their attention away from feces. If they show interest, gently guide them in another direction using the leash and engage them in a game or a fun activity.

The BAAPET Retractable Dog Leash offers flexibility and control during walks.

4. Use Distaste Deterrents

Applying a distaste deterrent to feces can discourage your French Bulldog from consuming it. Products like NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent Plus Breath Aid contain natural ingredients that make the poop taste unpleasant. Apply the deterrent as directed, making the feces less appealing to your dog.

5. Keep Your Yard Clean

Promptly clean up your French Bulldog’s feces from the yard to eliminate the opportunity for them to indulge in coprophagia. Use a pooper scooper or a dog waste bag like Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags to remove efficient and hygienic waste.

6. Provide Mental Stimulation and Sufficient Exercise

Boredom can contribute to coprophagia, so providing your French Bulldog with mental stimulation and physical exercise is crucial. Engage them in interactive puzzle toys like the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel to keep their minds occupied and prevent boredom-related behaviors.

Should I Modify my French Bulldog’s Diet to Prevent Coprophagia?

If your French Bulldog is engaging in coprophagia, which is the consumption of feces, it can be a concerning behavior. While modifying your dog’s diet might be helpful, it’s important to note that coprophagia can have various underlying causes, including medical issues, behavioral factors, or nutritional deficiencies.

Before making any changes to your dog’s diet, it’s crucial to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any potential health problems. They can perform a thorough examination and provide appropriate guidance. Once medical causes are addressed, you can discuss dietary adjustments with your vet. Ensuring that your French Bulldog receives a balanced and nutritionally complete diet is important for overall health, but it may not guarantee the elimination of coprophagia.

Additionally, managing the environment and providing proper training and mental stimulation are crucial to addressing coprophagia. Working with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist can provide further insights and guidance to help modify this behavior effectively.

How Can I Train My French Bulldog to Stop Eating Their Poop?

French Bulldogs are adored for their playful personalities and irresistible charm. However, poop-eating, scientifically known as coprophagia, can leave their owners puzzled and concerned. While it may seem bizarre, this habit is common among dogs, including our beloved Frenchies.

  • Ensure a balanced diet: Ensure your dog gets a nutritious and well-balanced diet to discourage coprophagia (poop eating). Consult your vet for appropriate food recommendations.
  • Clean up immediately: Remove feces promptly from the environment to eliminate the temptation for your dog to eat it.
  • Positive reinforcement: Reward your dog with treats, praise, or play when they ignore or avoid poop. This positive reinforcement reinforces good behavior.
  • Teach the “leave it” command: Train your dog to respond to the “leave it” command, teaching them to avoid or ignore objects on command, including feces.
  • Distraction techniques: Engage your dog in activities like fetch or interactive toys to divert their attention from poop.
  • Supervise and manage: Keep a close eye on your dog outside, especially during potty breaks, and intervene if they show interest in eating feces.

Is My Dog Eating Poop Because He’s Hungry?

Your dog’s coprophagia (eating poop) behavior may be linked to nutritional deficiencies or hunger, but it is not the only explanation. Dogs may engage in this behavior for various reasons, such as boredom, curiosity, stress, or simply because they find the taste appealing. While hunger could contribute to coprophagia, ensuring your dog receives a balanced and nutritious diet appropriate for their age, breed, and activity level is crucial.

If you suspect your dog is eating poop due to hunger, consider reviewing their feeding routine and consulting a veterinarian. They can assess your dog’s overall health, recommend any necessary dietary adjustments, and rule out any underlying medical conditions that may contribute to coprophagia. Additionally, providing mental and physical stimulation through regular exercise, interactive toys, and training can help alleviate boredom and reduce the likelihood of your dog engaging in this behavior.


Dealing with a French Bulldog that has a poop-eating habit can be a challenging and unpleasant experience. However, implementing the right training techniques and remaining patient and consistent can help your furry friend break free from this sickening behavior.

Remember to supervise your French Bulldog closely, maintain a regular feeding schedule, and provide a balanced diet to discourage coprophagia. Redirection and positive reinforcement are key tools in training your dog to focus their attention away from their poop and onto more desirable behaviors.

Additionally, consider using enzyme supplements to make their poop taste unappealing. These supplements can be a helpful deterrent for your French Bulldog. Above all, remain persistent and committed throughout the training process. Every dog is unique, and it may take time for your French Bulldog to unlearn this habit. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks; reinforce positive behavior with rewards and praise.

Written by Justin Michaels