How To Keep Water Cool For Axolotl

Axolotl held in hand out of water

Axolotls are confirmed to be cold-blooded animals. Axolotls need to be kept under good water conditions because of their metabolism. Keeping your axolotl in bad conditions will damage your pet’s health and lead to a quick death.

Water stables your pet’s metabolism; the higher the water temperature, the more your pet eats and produces more waste which is not suitable for the water conditions. On the other hand, cold water slows down their metabolism, and they take well-to-digest food. They thrive more in cold water.

Are you a new pet owner? Did you notice changes in your axolotl? Then this article will be a good read for you.

How to Keep Water cool for axolotl

This demand depends on the climate condition of your geographical location. The best water condition for axolotl is cold fresh water, from  60 – 64 degrees. Many people found a solution to keeping the water cool for the axolotl. If the condition of your location is hot and above 75 degrees, then these kits and methods are recommended to save your axolotl from dying.

  • Keep the Lid of your tank open: Keeping the link of your tank available will help fresh air into the tank. Closing the lid will only make matters worse.
  • Keep your tank in the basement of your house: If the basement of your house is always cool and cold. You can decide to put your pet there.
  • The cooling fan is also a  great alternative. Buying a fan and facing it directly at the water’s surface to reduce heat.
  • Temperature helps control the water temperature and know if your amphibian condition is convenient.
  • Ice bottles and ice cubes are other great alternatives that save costs.  You must fill up water in bottles or cubes maker, add salt, and freeze and drop them in the water. You can put many more until it reaches the desired conditions. 60-75 degrees.
  • Keep your tank away from direct sunlight because that will increase the temperature in your tank. Keep your axolotl tank away from the window.
  • Keep your tanks away from electronics that generate heat (Television, Laptops etc.)
  • Get lights that produce minimal heat for your tank. Lights that produce lots of heat will affect your pet.
  • Put your ac and fan on all the time to maintain a cool temperature for your axolotls.
  • Keeping a cooling unit in your pet’s room. If you do not want to keep your Ac or fan on. The cooling unit is installed in your pet tank and cools the water.

What Is The Best Water Parameters for Axolotls?

Axolotls love cold water, and the recommended water temperature for axolotls is 60-70 degrees. Axolotls are sensitive to sudden environmental changes, which can lead to shock. The water conditions will determine the health conditions of your axolotls.

The pH level should be within the range of 6.5-7. High water temperatures will cause instability in your pet. This is why you should always test the water parameters of your pet.

Can I put my Axolotls inside the fridge?

If you notice a sudden change in temperature from high to low, you can do the ice cube and frozen methods or put your axolotls inside the fridge. Make sure the fridge does not have any foul smell or any leftover food.

Axolotls can be put in a small container with water and kept in the fridge, but the fridge should be set to the warmest setting.

How often to change water for axolotls?

 How often to change water largely depends on various conditions.

  • Size of the tank
  • Axolotls water temperature, if the temperature of the water is high. Consider doing a 25% water change.
  • Number of axolotls in the tank
  • Feeding
  • Waste product
  • Ammonia level ph level
  • Filter strength.

The more axolotls you have, the more water changes you must make. Also, remember to pick out uneaten food from the tank.

What Are the Perfect conditions for your axolotls?

The perfect water condition for your tank is 59-65 degrees Fahrenheit. In this condition, your pet takes time to digest food due to its slow metabolism. However, if the water goes below 50 degrees, there’s a probability your pet will go through seizures.

Your pet’s heart will not be able to pump blood because the water will have frozen, which might lead to death. As much as axolotls love cold water, some rapid water changes can throw them off balance.

On the other hand, high temperatures ensure axolotls’ metabolism is so fast. During this period, they tend to eat and excrete more. Leaving the water quality bad for your pet. However, axolotls can’t live in high temperatures for a long time, or they begin to lose out on their health. High water conditions are bad for your axolotls.

Can You Use Bottled Water For Axolotls?

 Yes, you can use bottled water in your axolotl tank. Bottled water is safe for your pet. It can also cost a lot of money. Filling your tank with 15- 20 bottles of water, depending on the size of your tank.

Bottled water doesn’t contain some nutrients, making tap water the best alternative for your axolotl. All you need do is add water conditions to your tap water and use it for your tank.


In conclusion, keeping water cool is important for the health of your axolotls. Good water conditions make them thrive in the environment. Your axolotls will grow healthier, and bacterias take time to grow in cool water conditions.

Written by Justin Michaels