What Fun Things Can You Do With a Bearded Dragon?

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Stop shedding calories and think about what fun you can have with your bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are most likely not like other pets that generate excitement for themselves. You have to assist your bearded dragon by getting toys and involving them in fun activities. Bearded dragons need enrichment, and toys are the best way to provide them, which will help you bond well with them.

This article will show you some fun things and activities you can do with your bearded animals.

What Fun Things Can You Do With a Bearded Dragon?

400;”>Bearded Dragons in the wild are free and do more exploration, hiding in caves and exploring the territory, which is impossible for a pet bearded dragon confined to an environment. Bearded dragons need toys and excitement as a way to avoid being bored.

There are lots of fun things you can do with your dragon pet, but we will discuss a few that you will find easy to do.

Activity 1: Take your bearded dragon for a swim

Bearded dragons are great swimmers. The first thing you should determine is whether your bearded dragon enjoys swimming. If this is the case, they will enjoy swimming. If not, you probably haven’t been making it fun for them.

It is a great way of having fun and getting them hydrated. All you need is a large plastic storage pool or kiddie pool that is twice the length of your pet. The best temperature for your pet is 80 F. The water should not go beyond the elbow or the knee.

The best water to use is dechlorinated water. Distilled water is bad for your pet as it has lost its potential minerals. To make it fun, place small toys in the water or a swimming float. Never leave your beardie alone during bath time; it is supposed to be a bonding time.

Activity 2: Hide

Bearded dragons need places to hide in their tanks, where they can crawl inside when feeling stressed and threatened. Hides might not look like toys, but for your pet, they’re a new space to explore.

In their natural environment ( the wild), bearded dragons love to sneak into confined spaces and make themselves feel safe. Hides come in different shapes and sizes; choose the perfect fit for your pet.

Activity 3: Excavator caves

Excavator clay is recommended for the substrate of their territory because it allows your pet to dig as it does in the wild. The clay can be used to mold cave structures in the bearded dragon’s tank. An excavator is recommended because it allows your pet to dig.

Digging is an instinct for them, and providing a digging means allows them to fulfill that instinct. The aim is to mimic their natural environment.

Activity 4: A Hammock

A hammock is a great way to stop your pet from getting bored, even when you are absent. The dragon can use it anytime instead of waiting for a time when you can play with it. This accessory consists of pieces of fabric and mesh clinging to the glass of the enclosure.

Hammocks come in different shapes and sizes, and it is easier when you have a larger tank. A hammock is a way to stop your dragon from getting bored with its surroundings.

Activity 5: Mirror

Getting a mirror is a low-cost toy for your bearded dragon. The mirror enables them to see their reflection. In the wild, bearded dragons are introverted creatures and don’t react well when they see another bearded dragon.

Your pet might exhibit aggressive and fascinating behavior in their reflection. The mirror is recommended for 15 minutes every three days.

If your pet is nodding its head in fast motion, it is a sign that your pet wants to dominate the bearded dragon (reflection). Waving, on the other hand, means submission on your pet’s side. If the mirror seems upsetting to your pet, stop using it.

Activity 6: A Walk

A walk is a great way to keep your pet stimulated and a way to exercise their whole body. Getting a harness and leash is important. At first, they might not like the idea of a harness and leash, but after 2-3 walks they get used to it.

Walking is a way to explore and see new environments. Avoid dogs; don’t let them eat insects or allow them to walk on grass that has been sprayed with insecticide.

A ball is another way to keep your pet active. The best exercise balls are light and easy to maneuver (tennis balls, ping pong balls, balls made for cats, or balls made for dogs). Your pet might find the ball interesting by nudging it around. It is best to give your pet plenty of space to play.

Activity 7: Hunting for their food

One of the best activities for your bearded dragon is hunting for food. Hunting is a natural behavior of the dragon. Consider your environment and buying insects. Release them and watch your pet hunt for them.

Do this when your reptile is hungry. This activity should be carried out in a suitable environment and an open space.

Activity 8: Cat Toys

Cat toys are excellent for your pet. Just wave the wand in front of them and watch them chase it. They get so infatuated and excited.

Can Bearded Dragons Get depressed or Bored?

Yes, a bearded dragon can get bored. In the wild, bearded dragons are engraved with activities like hunting and avoiding predators, while a captured dragon can’t move, hunt, or hide in caves. It is hampered, and therefore they get depressed and lack stimulation.

signs that my bearded dragon is bored.

When bored, they scratch on the glass of their aquarium, and they are frequently restless, yawning, and hungry. This can lead to illness or death of one. The only company your pet needs is you.

What Are The Causes of your Bearded Dragon’s Depression?

There are common reasons why your pet might get bored. Let’s take a look at the situations and how you can move your pet from boredom to excitement.

– Tank Size

The tank size matters and determines if your pet will be bored or not. Breaded dragons need space to move. Having a small tank is not good for the growth of your tank. A sizeable tank is advisable for your pet.

0–1 months (baby) 3–4 inches 20–40 gallons
months 5-9 inches 20–40
months 8–11 inches 20–40
4 months 9–12 inches 40-75
months 11-16 inches 45–60
months 13-20 inches 55-75
12 months 16-24 inches 75-120
– Tank Decoration

Tank decoration will give your tank a unique and beautiful look. Tank decoration may have a wild look that will make your dragon feel comfortable and safe in the tank, e.g., rock, branches, tunnel, cave, etc.

Does My Bearded Dragon Need Company?

If your pet is feeling bored, the worst step to take is to get them some company. Bearded dragons are introverted animals.

Housing two bearded dragons in the same tank will cause lots of problems like fighting for territory, aggressive behavior, and fighting for food. The best company for your pet is you and the pets.

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Now that you have a clue that your bearded dragon can get bored and depressed, it’s high time you spice things up with toys.

Make your pet happy and build a relationship with them. Contrary to other opinions, bearded dragons are fun.

Written by Justin Michaels

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