What Kind Of Worms Do Axolotls Eat?

axolotls with snail

Axolotls are predatory animals, and worms are an important part of their diet. Feeding your pet worm depends on the head size of your pet. Axolotls have teeth but cannot tear or chew. Their teeth are for gripping prey, as they can only swallow their prey. You can feed your pet worms; long worms need to be divided for your juvenile or adult axolotls.

This article will focus on the best worm for your pet,  worms to avoid, and how to feed your axolotls worm. You will learn how many worms to feed your axolotls based on their age and size.

What kind of worms do axolotls eat?

Axolotls tend to feed on worms which is a nutrient-based diet for them. There are different kinds of worms, and axolotls spit out some while they consume some.

1. Nightcrawlers

 Axolotls consume the night crawlers, which are also known as garden worms. Garden worms are highly recommended kinds of worms by axolotls breeders. It would be best if you considered getting your axolotls night crawlers.

It is important to note that worms are only for juveniles and adult axolotls. Juvenile axolotls can be given sizeable chunks depending on the size of their head. To prevent your axolotls from choking during the swallowing process.

2. Bloodworms

Bloodworm is ideal for juvenile axolotls because of their size. Juvenile axolotls can easily swallow blood worms. Blood worms have the vitamins and protein that must be included in your pet’s diet.

3. Blackworms

Black worms feed the baby and juvenile axolotls at an early stage. Black worms help them grow and thrive during this period. This worm can be swallowed easily because of its size. 

4. Wax worms

Wax worms should be given to your pet as a treat once in a while; wax worms contain protein. They also contain some fat that might not make them ideal for your pet, so it should not be an everyday diet for your axolotls.

5. Earthworms

 Earthworms are one of the nutritionally based diets for your axolotls as they contain nutrients your pet needs. They are soft and easy to swallow by axolotls. Earthworms can be included in your pet’s diet while they are young. They can be cut into bits for your 2months old axolotls,  and the bits can start increasing when they continue growing.

A six-month axolotl can swallow an earthworm, which solely depends on the size of your pet. According to other breeders, Earthworms have no health implications on your pet, making it safe altogether.

6. Dendrobaena worms

Experts have recommended Dendrobaena worms as the best worm for your pet. Dendrobaena worms will be fed to your axolotls when they have completely formed their four legs.

Dendrobaena worms are large and could be divided into bits and fed to your axolotls depending on the size of your pet’s mouth and the head size. Dendrobaena worm is perfect for your pet’s nutrition and health.

What Are The Worms to avoid feeding your Axolotls?

Feeding your axolotls worms with an exoskeleton can harm your pet’s health. The worm will come out as a whole and cause damage to your pet’s digestive system. You have to be careful picking out the ideal worms for your axolotls.

1. Red wigglers

Red worms are great for composting. Not for feeding your pet. Red wigglers have a defense method of producing bitter slime (coelomic fluids).

Red wiggers might produce slime during the swallowing process by your axolotls which might have been why your axolotls are spitting out worms. Axolotls can not bear the bitter slime, so it’s best to avoid feeding your pet red wigglers altogether. 

2. Superworms

400;”>Superworms are not the best worms to feed your axolotls because of their hard exoskeleton. Your axolotls might find it hard to digest these worms, and there could be many risks. Feeding your pet super worm is dangerous and might affect your pet’s digestive system.

The larvae could, however, be fed to your axolotls without any issue. At this stage, they have not developed the hard exoskeleton.

3. Alabama jumpers

This worm is unsuitable for your pet due to its strength and aggressive wiggling. Alabama jumpers are earthworms that can injure your pet.

Where can I get worms for my axolotls?

As a pet owner, you must be careful where you buy worms for your axolotls to avoid buying diseased and worms infected with parasites that can harm axolotl’s health.

You can get your feeder worm in several places, including bait shops, garden supplies, pet shops, online pet stores, and amazon. You can also raise your feeder worms organically to be sure they are fine and properly fed.

How to raise feeder worms for your axolotls.

 The best way to raise feeder worms for axolotls is to keep them moist and hydrated in the sand and dirt.

To achieve raising your feeder worm, there are a few steps that need to be taken.

  • Get  a small or medium plastic bin
  • Fill it up with a bag of garden soil
  • Put your worm in the plastic bin.
  • Make pin-sized holes on the container’s body and base as you would for a plant. This will allow proper ventilation and make excess fluid drain out. Cover your container to protect your feeder worms.
  • Feed your worms shredded vegetable scraps, mashed potatoes, oats, eggshells, mashed tomatoes, and other food should be fed to your feeder’s worms. Banana peels, citrus fruit, onions, and spicy food should be avoided because this food is not good for axolotls, and since the worms are feeder worms, avoid feeding them what your axolotls won’t eat.

Can I feed my axolotls worms from my garden?

If the worms are free from chemicals, you can feed them to your axolotls. Look for only earthworms. We recommend digging out the worm from the ground yourself.

How many worms do axolotls eat?

 The number of worms your axolotls eat depends on their age and size. Adult axolotls eat two to three times a week, which is ideal. Depending on your pet’s appetite, two or three worms are fine on their feeding day.

Juvenile axolotls can feed on worms depending on the size of its mouth. One or half worm is enough for juvenile axolotls, and juvenile axolotls tend to eat daily.

Can I feed my axolotl’s frozen worm?

Yes, you can feed your pet frozen worms. Axolotls are cold-blooded, and frozen worms are good for axolotls.  You can feed axolotls, frozen earthworms, bloodworms, and nightcrawlers.


Rounding up my thoughts, the worm is good for your axolotls and should be fed to them daily.

However, it is best to avoid exoskeleton worms for your pet and red wigglers, as there is a probability your pet will spit them out. Be sure the worm you are feeding your axolotls is not infected so that it won’t infect your pet.

Written by Justin Michaels