Can Axolotls Eat Goldfish Food?

Does Axolotl Bite

Questions were raised concerning Axolotl’s eating pattern, what they eat?, and what they can eat. Axolotls eat a variety of food to help them grow. Adult axolotls, on the other hand, feed two to three times weekly. The reason why adult axolotls don’t eat much is to avoid indigestion. 

Yes, Axolotls can eat goldfish food, specifically when the diet is meat-based. Goldfish are omnivorous (they need a plant and meat diet to survive). You can feed your axolotls a meat-based diet that can be fed to your goldfish. Feeding your axolotls a plant-based diet is not ideal for their health. 

However, a plant-based diet can be fed to them at their tender age( their mouth is still tiny, and they would not be able to swallow live food). Axolotls feed on boiled vegetables, Algae, and the remains from their egg sac after hatchling after hatching. 

Axolotls are supposed to be fed varieties of food. That way, they won’t get bored with repeating food. It is acceptable for axolotls to eat food meant for goldfish because they share the same diet. 

You should also note that Goldfish and axolotls share some food in common that can be included in the axolotl’s diet;  Larvae,  pellets, brine shrimps, blood worms, and daphnia.

Should I Feed My Axolotls Fish Flakes?

Fish flakes are not produced for axolotls. If you run out of food for your pet, please do not feed them fish flakes. Flakes made for carnivorous fish are recommended because they contain the proper diet for your axolotls.

Fish flakes for herbivores include plant matter and food your pet doesn’t eat. Axolotls can stay two to three days a week without eating; wait till you get the chance to get your good pet food. You can decide to catch a cricket or insect for your pet till you are chanced to get the right food.

What Goldfish Food Can I Feed My Axolotls?

Axolotls can feed on some of the goldfish’s food because they are carnivorous animals. The only difference is goldfish can still feed on plants.

1. Live Foods 

Axolotls and goldfish are known for eating live foods. Axolotls detect their prey through movement, so live foods are fed to axolotls. Live food makes your pet experience the wild in its tank. You can breed your live feeder yourself or get them at pet stores. 

It is advisable to breed your live feeder yourself.  Raising live feeders makes sure they are not infected with diseases or infections. Live foods for goldfish suitable for your axolotls include Brine shrimp, worms,  aquarium snails, and daphnia. Live food is a great source of protein.

2. Freeze-Dried Food

Goldfish also feeds on freeze-dried food, which your axolotls can also eat. Freeze-dried food reduces the risk of infection and diseases in your fish.

Freeze-dried food is meat nutrition that is dried and stored. Research shows freeze-dried food may have lost its nutritional value after several processes.

3. Pellets

Pellets made from meat can be fed to your goldfish and axolotls. Carnivorous pellets contain high protein levels. Pellets come in different brands; axolotls have their pellets.

What pellets Can I feed my axolotls?

Pellet is a good source of food for your pet. Pellets are not specifically made for axolotls, but we have a new brand coming up with axolotls pellets.  Pellets have the proper nutrient for your pet depending on the quality of the pellet. The following pellets are recommended for your pet;

1. Aquatic Blended Food Gourmet Pellet

These pellets contain all the nutrients your axolotls will need. They contain fish, fish oil, meat, shrimp, squid meal, spirulina, and other ingredients. This pellet blend will keep your pet healthy.

If the water condition of your pet is good, it is a plus one. These pellets decay when left in the water, ruining the water temperature and stressing your axolotls because of its numerous ingredients.

2. Invert Aquatic Soft Pellets

These pellets sink easily because of their soft nature. The pellet is made specifically for amphibians.  These pellets also contain nutritional content for your pet.

3. Omega One

These pellets are specifically made for salamanders and newts. Omega one contains lip[ids and low content of fiber. This pellet gives your pet good health to thrive in the water.  When axolotls feed on this pellet, they won’t bloat or get fat.

This pellet helps your pet develop the right way. It has the taste of fish, which will make your salamanders feel like they are eating fish.

4. Aqueon Pro Carnivore Formula

These pellets are made for fish but can be fed to your axolotls. These pellets contain meat-based nutrients made for predatory animals. These pellets are a great choice for your axolotls and can be fed to them. These pellets are good for bottom diver species because they sink quickly.

5. Hikari Carnivore Pellets

These pellets do not dissolve easily in water. These pellets are made for axolotls. Hikari is a popular brand, and their pellets have nutritional functions beneficial to the growth of your axolotls.

The pellets also do not waste time digesting. This pellet reduces stress and increases immunity in your axolotls. Hikari pellets sink easily and are easy for bottom dwellers to see. They take a long time to dissolve in water.

Can Axolotls Live On Pellets?

Pellets should not be the only food you offer to your pet. Pellets can be offered on occasion, not every day.

Pellets contain high protein and fat, which results in quick weight gain. However, pellets can be fed to axolotls that are still young and growing. Pellets should not be fed consistently to adult axolotls.

Can Axolotls Eat Fish Food?

Fish foods are unsuitable for axolotls because fish are herbivores (they feed on plants), while axolotls are carnivores.

Many alternative foods for your pet do not include fish food. Axolotls can eat pellets designed for predatory animals. Avoid feeding your axolotls fish flake and a plant-based diet.


Relatively, you can feed your axolotls carnivorous-based food you feed your goldfish. Goldfish and axolotls have much in common, and their food can be interchanged. Axolotls feed on certain foods your goldfish feed on because they are carnivorous. 

It is important to put in mind that axolotls only eat meat-based food. As a new pet owner, it is best to be on the lookout for your axolotls. Axolotls can stay two to three days without eating, so instead of feeding your axolotls, fish pellets. Get the food you are sure they will eat.

Written by Justin Michaels