Do Fish Really Fall From The Sky?


Although it is very rare, there have been numerous instances where fish fall from the sky. These fish do not rain in that sense of condensing out of water vapour. The fish that usually fall from the sky are just fish that used to be in the sea.

In this article, we will be considering what causes fish to fall from the sky and some of the instances where this has happened.

Do Fish Really Fall From The Sky?

In the past, different things have fallen from the sky. Pieces of space debris, frozen wastes from planes, and even live animals are among the number of things that have fallen from the sky. While most of the animals that fall from the sky are dead or at the very least dying, there have been instances where live animals fall from the sky, fish inclusive.

In 2016, there was a report of large catfish falling from the sky and there have been other reports of fish raining from the sky. So, yes fish does really fall from the sky.

Why Do Fish Fall From The Sky?

This occurrence is not something that happens all too often and so the likelihood of a fish falling in any capacity is very low. However, it does not mean that it cannot happen. There have been numerous reports of fish falling from the sky and each story comes with its uniqueness.

In 2016, a woman claimed that a catfish fell from the sky and hit her. In 2017, a family claimed that a catfish fell from the sky and landed in their family pool, and in 2019, a woman claimed that a catfish fell from the sky and landed on her car and it smashed her windshield.

Many scientists have done a lot of research on this and it was discovered that such incidents were a result of water sprouts or tornados. When a tornado crosses the sea or ocean, it can get converted into a small storm of water. So, fishes present on the surface of the water, or fish near the sea, and even frogs and crabs are drawn by the wind above the sky.

This tornado makes light things move up in the sky and it is activated on the surface of the water and pulls the light creatures upwards. These creatures, fish inclusive fly along with the sky and remain there until the speed of the wind reduces.

As the speed of the wind gradually reduces, all the things stored up in the sky get baffled, and then, the fishes in the sky fall with rainwater. Both of these processes do not happen together. A tornado could take a while before it gets to the sky and then, to become still, it will have covered several distances of kilometres.

It can also be understood that there is less chance of rain around the sea region. According to scientists, such incidents are observed around 40 times in various places in the world every year. In this process, the layer of snow is clogged around these fishes that are pulled upwards and it may be dangerous when they fall as rain on the earth’s surface.

Is It Possible For Other Animals To Be Rained Down?

Some scientists believe that the most likely story is that birds might have eaten a catfish whole and some other large fishes. Then, these birds began to take flight before the fish could digest in their stomachs. As the bird takes flight, it could upset its stomach as they fly. The fish that they swallowed is then regurgitated and then it lands anywhere.

In this instance, the fish is going to fall on whatever hapless person happens to be beneath it when the bird is forced to expel the fish from its stomach. In coastal areas where there are large water bodies nearby, animal rain is something that is a normal occurrence.

Animal rain is a phenomenon that occurs with small water animals like frogs and crabs such that they are swept up in waterspouts or drafts that occur on the surface of the earth. They are then rained at the same time with water. So, it is possible to have other animals falling from the sky.

In these occurrences, the weather has to be very strong and fast. Water spouts can spin at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. This means that they can pick up small objects with relative ease. Animal rain usually occurs with aquatic and semi-aquatic animals and it commonly occurs near water sources where updrafts are common.

There have also been other cases of mysterious things apart from animals falling from the sky too. An interesting situation happened in 1876 when people thought the substances falling from the sky were a gift from God only to find out that it was rotten meat from vultures. It is most likely that the vultures were regurgitating it or that the meat dropped as the vultures took flight.

The most famous and mysterious modern-day fish rain phenomenon is the Ilu1via de Pisces. It is believed that every year in May or June, small silver fishes fall from the sky. Although this occurrence can be explained by many scientific reasons, the residents have differing opinions.

The residents of this region believe that the occurrence must be a miracle from God as that is the only time that they can get to eat fresh seafood. So, they believe that it is not just about science but a provision from providence.

So, a lot of things fall from the sky and it could be down to the weather creating such occurrences or maybe even droplets from birds.

What Are The Other Things That Have Fallen From The Sky?

Apart from fish and other aquatic animals, there have been several occasions where other animals have fallen from the sky.

In 1876, a shower of fresh meat fell near the house of Allen Crouch who lived close to Olympian Springs which was about a hundred yards in length. The sky was quite clear at the time and Allen stated that it fell like large snowflakes, the pieces being a general thing. Two gentlemen tasted it and they claimed it was either mutton or venison.

In April 2007, a rain of spiders fell from the sky in Salt Province, Argentina. A group of friends hiking in San Bernardo Mountain found many spiders on the ground as they hiked. They discovered that as they went up the mountain, more spiders were appearing. They looked up and saw different spiders falling from the sky. They were also able to take pictures of this scenery.

In 2008, a red rain that was later discovered to be blood fell from the sky in Colombia. A sample was taken to the nearest town for it to be tested. Some priests thought that God wanted to use it to wash off their sinful ways.

There have also been occurrences where worms fell from the sky. It was believed that water spouts some miles away would have caused this strange experience.


Fishes falling from the sky is not a strange occurrence. There have been several reports of different persons in different places about this occurrence.

Some persons believe that this could be down to providence, scientists however have stated that it might be just bird droplets or the weather.

Written by Justin Michaels

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