What Kinds of Lizards Are Nocturnal?


One thing you should know about lizards is the fact that it isn’t all of them that are nocturnal. Some are diurnal, that is, they are active during the day and sleep at night.

With this, you might be curious about the nocturnal lizards and the ones that are not. Well, we got you covered. We are going to be discussing the types of nocturnal lizards, things you need to know about them, and a couple of other things shortly.

What Kinds of Lizards Are Nocturnal?

There are a couple of nocturnal lizards. Sounds strange but it is true. These lizards are at their most active at night. Below is a list of nocturnal lizards that will intrigue you.

1. Leopard Gecko

This is the first type of lizard that should come to your mind if you are looking for a list of nocturnal lizards. The leopard gecko is one popular gecko that hardly sleeps at night this gecko doesn’t sleep at night.

“What does it do at night” you might ask. The answer is relatively simple. For lizards like these, they use the nighttime as the best time to hunt for food. There are a lot of things they will get to see at night such as rodents, insects, and a lot more. All these things serve as food for them at night.

2. Tokey Gecko

This is another gecko and lizard that moves mainly at night. This gecko which can grow as long as 10 inches can be found majorly in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific regions. They are a unique species when you compare their species to the other line of gecko species available.

One thing about this gecko that differentiates it from other geckos is the fact that the Tokey geckos bite. They can attack you if they feel you are a danger or threat to them. However, one thing you should know is the fact that their bite is not poisonous. The Tokey geckos love to move at night.

3. Dessert Night Lizard

This is one lizard you should keep in your mind if you are looking for a list of lizards that do not sleep at night. While it might not necessarily belong to the gecko family, it is still one lizard you can keep as a pet. 

The dessert night lizard is predominantly found in America and other continents such as Australia and Asia. You should know that they are not poisonous so you have nothing to worry about if you will like to keep them as a pet. They are also pretty affordable to feed so you do not have to worry about the cost of feeding them if you will like to keep them as pets.

What Do Lizards Do at Night?

When it comes to lizards, many people tend to be curious about the things a lizard does at night. Here is a list of things some lizards do at night.

– Sleep

This is the number one thing many lizards do at night. Just like primates and humans, some lizards spend their night sleeping and resting while some other lizards spend their nights doing other things.

While some lizards are nocturnal, some other lizards aren’t. The lizards that sleep at night might do because their bodies find it hard to adapt to the cold of the night. These lizards rely on heat and sunlight to actively move around.

– Hunt

This is another thing some lizards do at night. While most lizards sleep because they do not regulate their body temperature, some other lizards use the night to move around. A perfect example is the Leopard gecko. 

This lizard uses the advantage of the night to hunt its prey. Since some insets move at night, this lizard moves around at night looking for insects, rodents, or even fruits that will serve as a meal for it. Hunting is a perfect example of what some lizards do at night.

– Finding a Place to Rest

While this feel like a very unlikely thing to do, it is still one thing you should consider lizard do whenever you are wondering what lizards do at night. Some lizards go in search of s new spot to sleep at night.

These lizards, which are mainly nocturnal, leave their current location in search of food, once they have gotten food, they move on to the next thing which is finding a good location where they can spend the day as most nocturnal lizards spend their days sleeping.

How Do I Take Care of a Nocturnal Lizard?

You should know there are different things you can do to help take care of your nocturnal lizards. Below is a list of things you can do to take care of your beautiful pet.

Step 1: Build a Proper House

This is the first thing you need to do if you are looking for ways to take care of your nocturnal lizard. You need to build a proper house for your animal. There are different reasons why a good house is very important for your nocturnal lizard.

If you keep a nocturnal lizard as a pet, I am pretty sure you do not want a situation whereby your lizard gets harmed unknowingly when moving around at night. This is why housing is very important. It isn’t just to confine the lizard, it is also to protect the lizard from harm.

Step 2: Keep the Temperature Warm

This is another way to take proper care of your nocturnal lizard. You have to find ways to keep the temperature warm. By keeping the temperature warm, you not only ensure your lizard is in good health, but you also reduce the need for your lizard to move around in terms of comfort.

Nocturnal lizards, just like other types of lizards, hardly like a cold temperature. They prefer a warm and fussy temperature. Keep the temperature warm at all times both at night and during the day. The temperature has to be between 75 – 85 F.

Step 3: Good or Proper Diet

This is the most important thing you need to do when it comes to taking care of your nocturnal pet. You need to ensure that you give it a proper diet at all times. If the diet isn’t good enough, there is a pretty good chance that your pet might get sick, or worse, die. 

You need to ensure you feed your pet at the right time with the right diet. You can rotate the food from insects to rodents, vegetables, apples, and a lot more. One very important thing, however, is the fact that it needs a proper diet at least 3 to 6 times a day.

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While there are a lot of lizards that sleep at night due to the temperature and the inability of their body to regulate or generate heat, you should know that there are some nocturnal lizards. A few of the lizards have been mentioned in this article.

We have also discussed important things such as what lizards do at night. These things range from sleep to hunting and a lot more. Lastly, with a read-through, you will get all the information you need regarding nocturnal animals and the best way to take care of them.

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