Are Round Tanks Bad for Fish?

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When you think of a round tank, the first thing that comes to mind is a fish bowl. Round tanks are mostly small tanks. Most bigger tanks are made in other shapes other than round and cylindrical. As a new hobbyist, you might be thinking of the shape of a tank to get for your fish. 

The shape of a tank does not matter, what matters most is the size. An underside tank is bad for your fish. Fish are emotional animals and need all the necessary care for them to thrive. An undersized tank will make your fish unhealthy and if not changed into a properly sized tank they might probably die. 

You might be thinking of getting a round tank for your fish. In this article, you’ll get to learn if your fish will love it in a round tank or not. You will also get to know other accessories to put in place when considering a round tank.

Are Round Tanks Bad For Fish?

Round tanks are not bad for your tank, at least there has not been any evidence to back this claim. The only bad thing for your fish is housing it in a tank means it will be housed in a small space because most round tanks are small. Buying your fish in a small rounded bowl doesn’t guarantee that you should be kept to survive in that tiny bowl.

Examples of fish like Bettas when kept in a small round tank will survive at fish, and their health will begin to deteriorate. If there are not moved to another spacious tank, they might die sooner than they would have if taken care of properly. 

The size of the bowl is the main issue. So also there might be an issue with water cycling. If you can keep up with the routine of changing the water a couple of days in a week which can be too much of a task, then you won’t have cycled water. If there is a bigger tank where you can get cycled water from, then that will solve the issue.

You will also need to heat and aerate your tank and this is just going to be stressful with a small round bowl because maintaining the temperature in a round bowl is challenging. The environment outside the tank is most likely going to cause fluctuation of temperature in the small round tank. 

Irrespective of what type of fish it is, it won’t be nice to keep your fish in a small round bowl. Having a spacious tank with plants and decorations will make your fish happy and healthy.

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What Are The Fish That Can Stay In A Round Tank? 

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Some fish are okay living in a round tank. You might want to know these types of fish if you want to have just a small round tank. Some of the fish that you can house in a round tank are neon tetras.

 You can keep a single neon tetra in a small round bowl. However, these species always look happier when they are kept in a group no matter how small the group is. I will advise you to keep at least 4-5 neon tetras in your small round bowl, you will get to see how happy and lively they can be.

Other species of fish that you can keep in a round tank are Kuhli loaches, Rice fish, Endlers, White cloud mountain minnows, and guppies.

How Can You Make A Round Tank Suitable For Your Fish?

The main issue with a round tank is mostly the size. If you can get a suitable-sized round tank then why not. It will look amazing and your fish will have a lot of space to thrive. Irrespective of the shape the main aim is to have a tank with a suitable size.

If you are considering having a round tank, below are some of the things you will need to ensure the health of your fish and plants.

– Adequate Space

There are different sizes of tanks in the market. When getting a round tank, you have to make sure the space is adequate for your fish to swim.

You also have to consider the type of fish you have, how many they are, and how big they can grow. This will help you choose a tank that will allow your fish to have enough space to swim around.

– Air Pump

Round tanks might have a smaller opening at the top, and this can cause an imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the water.

For proper oxygenation, you will need an air pump to cause surface agitation in your tank to allow carbon dioxide to leave and oxygen to enter your tank. This way the chemical levels of your tank will be maintained for the health of your fish.

– Filter

Adding a filter will help remove the waste from your fish and other possible ones from fellow tank mates.

– Plants

Adding live plants to a round tank will help in oxygenating the tank. It creates a surface for the healthy growth of bacteria and can help to filter some excess nutrients from the water.

– Substrate

The substrate will also create a surface for the growth of important bacteria. They help in breaking down debris and waste which can be toxic.

– Light

Light will add beauty to your tank and allow you to enjoy seeing it. I guess that’s one of the things you enjoy doing as a hobbyist. You can choose from different colours of lighting ranging from red, blue, and white.

– Decorations

Decorative pieces are not essential but will add to the beauty of your tank. It will also make your fish happy because it creates a hiding space for them.

If you are setting up a new tank, you have to keep it for 24 hours before bringing in your fish. You can cycle the tank or even add bottle bacteria before adding your fish. After adding your fish, you monitor them for some weeks to see their progress.

How Safe Is a Plastic Fish Bowl?

Some plastic can be dangerous to make fish tanks/bowls out of. They release some chemicals into the water which is toxic to your fish and other tankmates. The most common plastic used is acrylic. It is strong to withstand the weight of the water in the tank.

You also get a clear view of your fish and other components in your tank. So far, there has not been any proven evidence that acrylic plastic is harmful to your fish. It is durable and most fish-eating bowls are made of acrylic.

One disadvantage of acrylic is it can easily get scratched, so you so be careful when going about your routine maintenance. Also, avoid using abrasive material during cleaning.

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When choosing a tank for your fish, you have to always consider the size of the tank, the number of fish you plan on having as well as the specie and how big they can grow. Most round bowls are small and might not be a good idea for your fish.

If you still wish for a round bowl, then you need to get a bigger one to allow your fish to get more space. You will also need to add other accessories like a substrate and an air pump to help with oxygenation in the tank.

You can also include decorations and lighting because a round tank doesn’t mean a boring tank. Make it beautiful for your viewing and your fish as well.

Written by Justin Michaels

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