Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers?

Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers

Axolotls are carnivorous creatures that love to feed on animal-based food including the dead ones. However, they do not just grip all animal-based food, they only feed on the soft ones that can fit into their mouth and as well as the nutritious ones including worms.

They are worm lovers and worms generally serve as occasional treats for axolotls and they should be fed moderately to them as there are varieties of foods for them to feed on including night crawlers which are safe for the consumption of the pet, and supply protein, and other nutrients to your pet.

Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers?

Yes, Axolotls can eat nightcrawlers as it contains the needed nutrient for your pet but they must be fed to them moderately. Although it has not been recorded that nightcrawlers are harmful to axolotls’ health. A quote says “Too much of anything is bad”, so giving them too much of night crawlers might be harmful as researchers have discovered that too much night crawlers intake brings about kidney failure or death in amphibians.

Baby axolotls can also feed on night crawlers but it should be once in a while as their digestive system is not strong enough to digest them at once if it is in excess.

How  Much Of Night Crawlers Can I Feed My Axolotl?

Nightcrawlers are not to be fed to nightcrawlers as major food as they are full of nitrates and this could be harmful to the axolotls so they can be fed to them as occasional treats. However, the number of night crawlers you give to your pet depends on the size of the tank, the age of your pet, and the appetite of your pet as a small tank might not accommodate your pet and the night crawlers. 

You can give an 8-month axolotl in a large tank  2 to 3 average-sized earthworms per day and a baby axolotl twice per week. When considering giving your pet night crawlers, make sure you calculate it with other food to make a balanced diet so as not to give your pet more night crawlers than plant-based food.

Can My Axolotls Eat Dry Nightcrawlers?

Yes, your axolotls can eat dry nightcrawlers but it must not be in excess as dried worms generally including night crawlers contain nitrates and phosphates which are poisonous to axolotls.

It is advisable to feed your pet live night crawlers than dry ones as the former will supply the needed nutrient without posing any risk to the health of your pet and even if you will do it must be in the ratio of 2:1(if you feed your pet 3 live worms per day, give it 2 live ones and 1 dried one).

Can My Axolotls Eat Frozen Nightcrawlers?

Yes, you can feed them frozen nightcrawlers but they will not eat them and it could bring about contamination to the water as it will decay in the water resulting in health issues so your pets shouldn’t feed on frozen nightcrawlers.

They should rather be fed frozen crickets as they love it besides it is more nutritious than frozen night crawlers as it contains protein and calcium.

How Do I Prepare Nightcrawlers For The Consumption Of My Axolotls?

Common Nightcrawlers sold in the pet store are European, Canadian, and African night crawlers and are always kept in styrofoam or a plastic container with dirt when you buy them. It is wrong to feed your pet with it directly but rather wash it and cut it (if you are giving it to baby axolotls) before feeding them with it as they might pollute the water altering the pH level and might result in choking or carry a parasite that might infect the axolotls causing your pet to be ill as a result of intestinal damage.

If you will be feeding your pet with nightcrawlers that are not from the pet store, make sure it is from soil that is free of toxins or commercial insecticides, pesticides, or herbicides as this could be harmful to your pets even after washing.

The bottom line is that you should be sure if it is from a reputable source whether it is from a store or the garden.

Do Axolotls Eat Night crawlers In The Wild?

Yes, they do but not all of them feed on it as there are varieties of food available in the wild that will provide the same nutrient night crawlers are providing in your aquarium but when they come across they will gladly feed on it.

I know you might feel embarrassed with this question “Do Axolotls Eat Night crawlers In The Wild?” if anyone asks you and you might even answer rudely saying “it is not my business”.Let me embarrass you the more by telling you that it is your business as your pet will replicate its feeding habit in the wild when it gets to the aquarium tank you have provided for it so it is paramount that you need to know your pet’s behavior in its formal habitat.

What Benefits Will My Axolotls Get From Feeding on Nightcrawlers?

This article has been answering this question but it is of utmost importance that we stress the benefits here.

Nightcrawlers are a good source of protein and calcium and they help with the growth of a healthy gill filament as they do not get messy in the tank when they are not consumed compared to pellets or other foods.

What Health Risks Do My Axolots Get From Feeding On Nightcrawlers?

Eating nightcrawlers does not pose so much health risk to axolotls f given moderately but it does when they are being overfed with it and this could result in impaction, obesity, vomiting, and choking if it is too big for your pet to swallow as your pet’s teeth are for griping and not for chewing so they just grip their food and swallow it.

How Do I Prevent My Axolotls From Feeding on Nightcrawlers in Excess?

This usually happens when you are keeping more than one axolotls in your water tank as some axolotls eat more than 2 per day while some end up not eating any and the perfect way to stop these from happening is to make sure the tank is large enough and provide sufficient hide out for your pets as well as the nightcrawlers.


Axolotls are pretty creatures that cannot take care of themselves but rely on you solely for their care and feeding and you must be careful of what you give to them to feed on.

They enjoy feeding on nightcrawlers when in captivity but it should be given to them in the correct proportion and size as they will not be able to swallow it if it is too big.

Written by Justin Michaels